Former WWE Champion at OVW Show?


Former WWE Champion CM Punk was reportedly backstage at the recent Ohio Valley Wrestling’s “Saturday Night Special” event in Louisville, Kentucky. Rumors are spreading about his appearance has fans everywhere questioning when he will return to WWE.

While this is being reported as the first wrestling event CM Punk has attended since leaving WWE, it’s also being reported that the locker room was told to stay away from him. And that Punk was only there to support his friend Cliff Compton and wouldn’t be bothered talk to anyone else.

Although he also talked with OVW trainer Rip Rogers and a wrestler known as Trailer Park Trash, who may or may not exist. But then again in this day and age of CM Punk that doesn’t matter. Fans weren’t made aware CM Punk was in the arena, because he couldn’t be bothered to shake their hands.

Meanwhile Punk’s friend Compton would end up winning for the 3rd time the OVW Heavyweight Title and his first reign since 2011.

Again CM Punk was only there to watch his friend win the title. No reports of him returning to WWE nor to in-ring competition anywhere.


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