Michael Elgin Quits Ring of Honor On Twitter

8-30-2013 4-38-47 PMMonday was a huge day for Ring of Honor (ROH) as they announced that Michael Elgin will be returning at this Saturday’s ROH live event in Kalamazoo, Michigan. They wrote on their official site:

“Its public knowledge now, that due to clerical issues Michael Elgin could not leave Canada for a period of time. Ring of Honor officials and legal counsel quickly jumped in to assist in getting him back home as soon as possible. Michael Elgin has now returned to the United States and we are pleased to announce that he will appear THIS Saturday in Kalamazoo, Michigan!

“2014 was record setting for Michael Elgin and Ring of Honor officials are expecting ‘Unbreakable’ Michael Elgin to return with a new demeanor, a new fire and a new passion!! Elgin has surpassed all expectations put on him and this current setback is not nearly enough to curtail the former champion!!

“Get your tickets for this Saturday’s Champions vs. All-Stars in Kalamazoo today!”

Yet that wasn’t all! After posting all of this on Twitter Michael Elgin replied: “I said this on our call, thank you for getting me back home. But, an article doesn’t fix lies and damage done. I QUIT.”

So with that being said we don’t know if that’s it for ROH and Michael Elgin or just a work. But we do know that this may me Michael Elgin’s independent wrestling tour. So stay tuned!


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