AIW’s Turner Hall Troubles


AIW based out of Cleveland, Ohio was recently informed that they’re home Turners Hall is facing financial issues. Many of which were just rumors and speculation but now they have released what’s going on with their home.

Here is what they posted on their Facebook page.

“We sat down and had a 3 hour meeting with the president of Cleveland Turners and this is the situation with Turners Hall.

Turners is a national charity/social club with several charters all over the country the Cleveland charter once had 100’s of members and revenue streams coming in to the organization but over the years the membership has dwindled to only 11 members and they have not been able to pay the bills and keep up with the expenses of owning the building based on low membership and no one besides AIW getting events going on in there. Members threw parties and rented the facility for other events and that is how they were able to keep the building running since 1993.

Since membership is at a all time low If they don’t get up to 24 members by November 1st they lose their charter and status as a charitable organization which at that point they will be forced to put Turners Hall up for sale on the open market and close.

It only costs $20 a year to be a member.

So goal number 1 is to get membership up to 24 people, essentially that is just getting $20 from people and them filling out a form you can be located anywhere in the world to join.

This is step number 1, there are several other issues to address to get things in the clear which we are working on a possible crowd sourcing campaign to help out.

So who is ready to become a member Turners for $20?!”


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