Jason Kincaid Regins Supreme For 3 Years!


Congratulations are pouring down from everyone to Jason Kincaid on a historic accomplishment that has become official as of last night, October 11th. After defending his NWA Smoky Mountain Heavyweight Championship against Jeff Connelly in Tennesse he once again retained the title. Something he’s done for the past 3 years now.

Yes, Kincaid has held the NWA Smoky Mountain Heavyweight Championship for 3 years! Something in today’s day in age is beyond rare. Kincaid first captured the title on October 11th of 2011 when he defeated Keith Knox.

He has since going on to defend the championship in Tennessee, West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and even in Pennsylvania. He has even traveled south of the border and successfully defended the championship in Mexico against veteran luchador Aztec.

In the three years Jason Kincaid has held the championship he has defeated some very impressive wrestlers to get where he is today. This historic reign is impressive and to include the names of  Davey Richards, Lance Hoyt, Wolfie D, and Vordell Walker as one’s he’s defeated is quite an accomplishment. 


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