Joey Ryan Stars In Busting On Peter’s Face

What a difference a week makes! Last week Joey Ryan was sharing a blow pop with Tommy Dreamer this week  he’s sharing pictures of Pretty Peter Avalon on Twitter. Busted face and all!

At Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Peter Avalon along with his tag partner Ray Rosas of the team PPRay took on the RockNES Monsters, Johnny Goodtime and Johnny Yuma, and as a result Avalon was busted open!


Show casing his toughness Avalon continued and along with his partner would end up defeating RockNES Monsters and soon would become the new CWF Hollywood Heritage Tag Team Championship!


You may remember Avalon’s face minus the blood, he is most known for his stint in TNA as Dewey Barnes.

As a result of the gash over his eye Avalon had to receive 8 stitches and was brought to the hospital. According to Joey Ryan via Twitter he is currently feeling okay and is just ready for bed.

We here at The Indy Network would like to send out a get well and congrats to Pretty Peter Avalon!



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