SuperCop Dick Justice & Brute VanSlyke Team Up To Battle Cancer and Zoo’s!


On Saturday October 11th from Coaldale, Pennslyvania we saw former WWE superstar Gene Snitsky have a  bounty placed on him as Alofa tried to collect it and setting up a main even No DQ match! We also saw SuperCop Dick Justice and Brute VanSlyke team up with WXW C-4 to battle cancer at Zoostock!

Here are the results:

L.I. Green pinned Danger Jameson.

With Doc Daniels absent, Acting Commissioner The Bald Guy put a $50,000 bounty on Gene Snitsky, and Alofa tried to collect, dumping Gene out of the ring before a main event, no DQ match was made.

Jay Freddie won a battle royal.

“Mr. Xcellence” Brandon Scott pinned “Cinema” Stevie Shields after interference from “Benchmark” Bill Daly while Buzz Bentley distracted the ref.

Sgt. RJR pined “The Goods” Travis Dorian (w/The Bald Guy).

Punk Rock All Stars (Shaun Cannon & Drake Carter) beat Brandon Scott & Bill Daly (w/Buzz Bentley) with a little help from Stevie Shields to even the score.

Samu was presented with a plaque by Zoostock organizer Wayne Fritzinger for his contributions. Samu then announced that Gene Snitsky was sent to the hospital with chest pains after the altercation with Alofa earlier.

Jay Freddie had his feet on the ropes as he pinned Rick Powers.

Dick Justice & Brute Van Slyke beat South Philly’s Finest (Luca Brazzi & Jimmy Konway).

Alofa was prepared to cash in on the bounty, but Samu said he had to earn it in the ring. While Alofa was distracted by Samu getting ready to fight, Gene Snitsky returned (wearing a hospital bracelet and gauze from blood work) for a surprise attack and got a quick win!


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