The Man Who Loves To Fight Junior Takes The 3rd Spot


Indy Power Rankings number 3 guy this week is David Finlay Jr. Yes, you may notice his last name, as well as the picture about, he is the second generation and son of Fit Finlay the Belfast Brawler and the first ever WCW Hardcore Junkyard Invitational Tournament champion. Well, his son is on the verge of becoming a huge name just like his father.

He is the NEW POW Junior Champion after defeating Scott Saxon and Veit Muller for the title on October 10th and then defeated Scott Saxon to retain the title on 10/11. He has been on our radar for a while, but had yet to crack the Top 10.

This week was special as he did it and in a big way. He’s been having a very good year so far and this ranking just further cements that fact. If he can keep this roll going, he’ll continue to contend for the Top 10 for the rest of the year, proving that Europe has a strong claim for having some of the best talent in the world.

Thanks to @IndyPowerRankin whom holds the weekly Rankings and for writing all of this up!


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