SCW – “Wicked Ways”
Saturday October 18th, 2014
Walcott Coliseum in Walcott, Iowa

Latin Thunder defeated Tyler Prigel

Markus Crane defeated Davey Vega in a “winner gets a can of surge” match

Mallaki Mathews defeats JJ Garett & Steven Youngblood in a triple threat for the QC Cup, Steven appeared to injure his knee in the match

M.E.N (Johnny Wisdom & Gunner Franks) defeated The Hooligans (Devon & Mason Cutter) to retain the SCW Tag Team Titles in an outstanding match.

Nevin Knoxville defeats Matt Cage after three chokeslams & a Path of Destruction

Bobbi Dahl defeated Moondog Bernard

Shane Hollister defeated Knight Wagner, Marek Brave, & Bucky Collins in a 4-way to retain the SCW title

After the match Nevin Knoxville came in and chokeslams Shane and stands over him holding the SCW Title

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