Chris Hero Blogs About Japan


Chris Hero is currently on tour in Japan. To keep his wits he’s created a blog. Below is his latest post. His blog can be found at this link.

We’ve had a fun couple of days here as the Global League continues. We were back in Osaka which is one of my absolute favorite cities to visit,  I love the food and the sights are lovely. We had an event at the Bodymaker Coliseum & I was scheduled in an 8-man tag team match.  My partners were Shane Haste, Zack Sabre Jr. & Yoshinari Ogawa & our opponents for the evening were Sugiura, Saito, Genba & Harada.  I’ve known Sugiura for many years.  We met in the UK in 2006 and wrestled in a 6-way for a company called 1PW.  We also wrestled in Germany for wXw & in 2011 after I wrestled KENTA, I watched Sugiura defend the GHC Championship in an incredible match versus Claudio Castagnoli.

This match in Osaka was rapid fire.  Shane connected with a tumbleweed dive onto our opponents so I took that opportunity to launch a high-risk maneuver of my own.  I dove over the top rope and out of the ring with the High Jump Moonsault.  I used this maneuver versus Takayama in the Kings of Wrestling’s GHC Tag Team Title shot at Budokan Hall.  This maneuver is very difficult and dangerous but I like to pull it out every once in awhile. It seems to be a crowd favorite.  Later in the match I battled with Akitoshi Saito (who I met in the ring in my first Budokan show in 2007). My Rolling Elbow was not enough to knock him unconscious. As I prepared to connect with the Death Blow, Saito’s boot ripped through the back of my skull with a deadly enzuigiru.  It took all of my power to tag out of the match.  Zack brought our team to victory with an arm submission on Harada.  I was happy to take a win even if I was only 1/4 responsible.

After the match I watched Nagata v. Mikey Nicholls & Nakajima v. Kojima.  Both very impressive matches.  I also enjoyed the encounter between Cabana & Marufuji.  I think that Maru is one of the most intelligent wrestlers in the world. He has innovated so many counters and techniques.  He is rightfully the GHC Heavyweight Champion & I hope to meet him in the Finals of the Global League.

In Kumamoto I would square off with a newer nemesis: Masato Tanaka.  As a rookie I watched a match between he and Mike Awesome live in Dayton, Ohio at ECW’s Heatwave ’98.  He was a huge inspiration & I would even go on to use his ‘Diamond Dust’ as my first finishing move.  I always thought his Rolling Elbow was a thing of beauty- a perfect combination of power & agility.  I use the Elbow because of Misawa-san but I wouldn’t be truthful if I said I hadn’t also studied Masato’s technique over the years.  The two of us squared off earlier this year in New Orleans for Dragon Gate USA.  I feel that I held my own and earned his respect but the Sliding D put me & Masato Tanaka was victorious.  After having lost my first Global League match against Yuji Nagata I was desperate to pick up a victory. Losing Tanaka earlier in the year only made me more determined.  The fans in Kumamoto were very respectful to me but were clearly behind Tanaka-san 100%.  I knew that he had scouted my style so I had to use some newer maneuvers.  Just like in New Orleans it was Rolling Elbow versus Rolling Elbow. At one point we even connected with simultaneous elbows which sent us both crashing to the mat, nearly resulting in a double knockout.  Shortly thereafter I caught a kick from Tanaka and threw his leg down & came up with a knee strike. This stunned him & allowed me to hit a pair of Rolling Elbows.  With Tanaka-san crumpled to his knees, I spun in a circle and delivered my ‘Diving D’ to the back of his head.  The referee counted 1, 2, 3.

After the match I wanted to show my respect so I told everyone in Kumamoto that I wanted another match with Masato Tanaka.  It will not be an easy challenge but I know that if I want to become the best that I can be I need to face the toughest and the strongest.  He is definitely one of the toughest wrestlers I have ever been in the ring with.
Next up we have 4 consecutive shows in Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Oita & Yamaguchi. Staying healthy & in good physical condition will be a challenge but that is the type of risk you take when you enter a tournament like this.  I look forward to seeing you all at the shows. Please come and say hello.  I will continue to fight my hardest and do my best for all of you.  My fighting spirit continues to burn!  Domo arigatou gozaimasu!


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