Who Is The Tag Team Of The Week?

The 4410

It’s time again for a new playlist. And well, this is the time! In this weeks edition of the playlist entitled “The 4410.” We are featuring Amazing Red! The former TNA X-Division Champion and ROH Tag Team Champion.

Why have we chosen Amazing Red? Well it’s quite simple, we just saw him this past weekend and it was our first time seeing Red in such a long time. In fact that’s why we’re calling this “The 4410” because that’s how many days it’s been since I’ve last seen him wrestle live.

Yep, that is a lot of days. How many days ago was that actually? Well, a lot. We’ll have to go back to 2002 to get a little closer. In fact it’d have to be September 21st. Yep, October 18th, 2014 to September 21st, 2002. That’s where we counted. Or at least hopefully counted right.

We saw him wrestle Jay Briscoe at ROH’s Unscripted event in South Philly at the Murphy Rec. And due to not being able to find the match anywhere but some foreign website we’ll link yeah to that. And sadly, it won’t be in The 4410.


But don’t be sad, there’s still tons of great Amazing Red clips on the YouTube. So check them out and say hey thanks Red!

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London & Kendrick Win Gold!

Former WWE and World Tag Team champions Brian Kendrick and Paul London have captured tag team gold once again! This time becoming the Insane Championship Wrestling tag champs.


ICW is based out of the United Kingdom and has been one of the premier wrestling organizations out of the UK. While hosting primary 18 and up shows they have had their fare share of famous wrestlers attend. Such as Colt Cabana, Mikey Whipwreck, Sabu, and numerous others.

On ICW’s Magical Mystery Tour Kendrick and London were set to The New Age Kliq, the team of Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn in  a match that most thought would see the New Age Kliq easily win as Kendrick and London hadn’t tagged together in well over a year. But things all changed in the last few seconds of the match as it usually does and it set the world on fire as the new ICW Tag Team Champions were crowned.

This sets up some interesting factors now. London & Kendrick’s next opponents are the Sumerian Death Squad, which was to be a non title contest on Sunday October 12th at ICW: Lucy In The Sky With Divers, at the 02 Academy Leeds. But now their match will now be for the titles themselves. Can London and Kendrick hold onto their new titles? Will there be a new tag team champions crowned again?

Check out ICW for more information as well as ticket information.

Tickets for ICW: Lucy In The Sky With Divers, and all other Magical Mystery Tour shows, are available at www.ticketmaster.co.uk andwww.triplegmusic.com