Smart Mark Video Sale!

562448_10150765391311425_457658301_nSmart Mark Video Sale!

The guys over at Smart Mark Video are currently having a sale. If you spend $50.00 you will get 25% off your order. Yes! You read that right. Get 25 percent off of orders over 50 bucks!

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Chikara Pro Presents Moonraker


Greater Richmond Convention Center (Grand Ballroom C)
403 North Third Street in Richmond, VA 23219
Doors Open at 2:30PM, Event Starts at 3:00PM

Children 12 & under admitted free (General Admission) with a paying adult.

Matches Announced for “Moonraker“:

1) Grand Championship Title Bout: Icarus vs. Jimmy Jacobs

2) The Osirian Portal & N_R_G vs. The Wrecking Crew

3) The Spectral Envoy vs. Die BDK

4) The Colony (Fire Ant/Worker Ant/Silver Ant)
The Bloc Party (Mr. Azerbaijan/The Proletariat Boar of Moldova/Prakash Sabar)

5) Eddie Kingston vs. Volgar

6) Shynron vs. Missile Assault Ant

7) Dasher Hatfield/Ashley Remington/El Hijo del Ice Cream/Scott Parker
Mr. Touchdown/Archibald Peck/Ice Cream, Junior/Shane Matthews

Chikara Pro Present Thunderball


10.25.14 – Live Event

@ The New Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium
1001 Springwood Avenue in Gibsonville, NC 27249
Doors Open at 6:30PM, Event Starts at 7:00PM

Children 12 & under admitted free (General Admission) with a paying adult.

Matches Announced for “Thunderball“:

1) The Golden Trio/Eddie Kingston vs. Jimmy Jacobs & The Flood

2) “Smooth Sailin’” Ashley Remington vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado

3) Fire Ant/Worker Ant vs. Max Smashmaster/Blaster McMassive

4) The Spectral Envoy vs. The Bloc Party

5) Silver Ant vs. Shynron

6) The Osirian Portal vs. Oleg the Usurper/???

7) Scott “Jagged” Parker/Shane Matthews vs. The Aftermath

The 4410

It’s time again for a new playlist. And well, this is the time! In this weeks edition of the playlist entitled “The 4410.” We are featuring Amazing Red! The former TNA X-Division Champion and ROH Tag Team Champion.

Why have we chosen Amazing Red? Well it’s quite simple, we just saw him this past weekend and it was our first time seeing Red in such a long time. In fact that’s why we’re calling this “The 4410” because that’s how many days it’s been since I’ve last seen him wrestle live.

Yep, that is a lot of days. How many days ago was that actually? Well, a lot. We’ll have to go back to 2002 to get a little closer. In fact it’d have to be September 21st. Yep, October 18th, 2014 to September 21st, 2002. That’s where we counted. Or at least hopefully counted right.

We saw him wrestle Jay Briscoe at ROH’s Unscripted event in South Philly at the Murphy Rec. And due to not being able to find the match anywhere but some foreign website we’ll link yeah to that. And sadly, it won’t be in The 4410.

But don’t be sad, there’s still tons of great Amazing Red clips on the YouTube. So check them out and say hey thanks Red!

Missile Assault Ant Advances In Young Lions Cup XI!


Wrestling Is Fun, the wrestling company not the statement, held the annual Young Lions Cup tournament. A tournament that was previously run by Chikara but after Chikara’s year plus in-activeness it was taken over by Wrestling Is Fun.

A tournament that has seen a who’s who walking away as the winner. Such as Hallowicked, Larry Sweeney, Jigsaw, Shane Storm, Arik Cannon, Maxime Boyer, Chuck Taylor, Helios, Fire Ant, Vin Gerard, Jimmy Olsen, Player Dos, Tim Donst, Frightmare, Tadasuke, Mark Angelosetti.

After a year off we finally got a new Young Lions Cup. In the first night we got to see a six first round matches with the winners going on to fight later that night in a six man match with the winner advancing to the second night of the Young Lions Cup tournament.

The first round match results are as follow:

  • Shynron defeats William Fredrick Kingsley
  • Prakash Sabar defeats Kevin Quill
  • Donovan Dijak defeats Devin Blaze
  • Rex Lawless defeats Anthony Greene
  • Missile Assault defeats Argus
  • Race Jaxon defeats Marq Quen

After winning their first round matches Missile Assault Ant, Donovan Dijak, Prakash Sabar, Race Jaxon, Rex Lawless and Shynron went on to a semi-final six way match which ultimately saw Missile Assault Ant capturing the victory after eliminating Shynron who previously eliminated Prakash Sabar and Donovan Dijak who himself had eliminted Race Jaxon and Rex Lawless.

A huge congratulations goes to Missile Assault Ant on advancing and winning the night!

Not to be forgotten on this card we saw a non-tournament match as the Devastation Corporation, the team of Blaster McMassive and Max Smashmaster defeat The Osirian Portal of Amasis and Ophidian.

As for night two it will be held in Norristown, PA on November 1st. For more information check out Wresting Is Fun’s website.

Jakob Hammermeier Returns!


CHIKARA’s very own Jakob Hammermeier announces his return in a blog posted on the Chikara website. Hammermeier hasn’t wrestled for Chikara for 475 days and has a lot of people to blame. Here’s what he had to say:


Ever since day one Jakob has made it evident that he has only had one goal: Respekt.

None of you respected Jakob. Not the BDK, not the CHIKARMY, und especially not Gavin Loudspeaker! You all pitied poor ol’ Jakob, didn’t you? I DON’T NEED YOUR PITY! Pity is for the weak und helpless. Save it for each other.

Jakob has been overlooked since the first time he stepped into that CHIKARA ring. A mistake for which many will pay. Ares being the first to pick up the tab. How you disappointed me, Ares.

I waited, and waited, and waaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiittttttttted. 475 days Jakob waited. Pinpointing exactly how to move against mein former mentor, the “mastermind” of the BDK, Ares. Did you sense for even a second the plot against you? JAKOB WITH THE EYE OF TYR?!?!?! Hah! Let’s allow this lesson in oversight to be the BDK’s parting gift to you, Herr Ares.

Make no mistake CHIKARA. Jakob, the rightful ruler of Der Bruderschaft Des Kreuzes will once and for all extract his Respekt. I will not beg for it. I will take it.