Who Is The Tag Team Of The Week?

Candice & Johnny Sitting In A Ring!


According to internet reports and those who follow wrestlers on Facebook, Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae are in a relationship. This may or may not be news worthy to you but for the upcoming PWG show which will feature the two facing off in a tag team match will surely bring some questions.

As Candice LeRae will tag with Joey Ryan to battle Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor. So this leads us to wonder what will happen when girlfriend and boyfriend face off in the ring?

Does this make you more interested in watching the next PWG show? Or do you think this is just unneeded information?

Joey Ryan Stars In Busting On Peter’s Face

What a difference a week makes! Last week Joey Ryan was sharing a blow pop with Tommy Dreamer this week  he’s sharing pictures of Pretty Peter Avalon on Twitter. Busted face and all!

At Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Peter Avalon along with his tag partner Ray Rosas of the team PPRay took on the RockNES Monsters, Johnny Goodtime and Johnny Yuma, and as a result Avalon was busted open!


Show casing his toughness Avalon continued and along with his partner would end up defeating RockNES Monsters and soon would become the new CWF Hollywood Heritage Tag Team Championship!


You may remember Avalon’s face minus the blood, he is most known for his stint in TNA as Dewey Barnes.

As a result of the gash over his eye Avalon had to receive 8 stitches and was brought to the hospital. According to Joey Ryan via Twitter he is currently feeling okay and is just ready for bed.

We here at The Indy Network would like to send out a get well and congrats to Pretty Peter Avalon!


2CW Nightmare Before Christmas


2CW returns home to Syracuse, New York as they present Nightmare Before Christmas on November 21st, 2014. It will be one of the biggest shows 2CW has done to date or at least attempt to be.

There will be a number of big names at this event as the main event is one for the record books as one of the greatest tag teams of all time takes on the recent inductees to the TNA Hall Of Fame. Plus a lot more!

The Dudley Boys (Bubba Ray & D-Von), 2CW Tag Team Champions VS. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson), Challengers

Capt Nick Ando, 2CW Champion VS. “Juggerdawg”, Challenger

World’s Cutest Tag Team (Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae ) VS. Kevin “The Man” Graham & Mike “Brute” VanSylke

Johnny Gargano VS. “Party Peacock” Dalton Castle

AR FOX VS. Colin Delaney

Jay Freddie VS. ‘Hybrid” Sean Carr

Gregory Iron VS. Cheech

“Supercop” Dick Justice & Jasper Whipple (w/ Austin Hope) VS. Guy Sunshine & “Muscle” Marcos

Eric Mohammed Timmins (w/ Bin Hamin) VS. Isys Ephex VS. Rob Cook VS. “Studly” Steve McKenzie VS. Peter D. Order VS. Guero Loco

Card Subject to Change, it is Syracuse there might be some snow.

2 Guys, 1 Blow Pop: Tommy Dreamer & Joey Ryan

Friday night FWE presented Refueled: Night One! It held the match up of Candice LeRae and Joey Ryan versus Tommy Dreamer and Ivelisse Velez in a mixed gender tag match. On commentary you’ll find Colt Cabana, Maria Kanellis & Jordan Schneider and you’ll even hear Colt Cabana say “This is the weirdest match that I’ve ever been involved in.”

Find out why! As Tommy Dreamer and Joey Ryan present 2 Guys, 1 Blow Pop!

You can watch the entire show on the FWE YouTube page at https://www.youtube.com/user/borisnaboka

Give Me Fuel

We’re here with a video in honor of FWE’s Refueled two night events as we’ve put together some of the best wrestling has to offer!

We start it all off with a classic match from TNA of The Addiction vs The Young Bucks. Yes, we understand we’re not suppose to recognize TNA. But we couldn’t help it. These two teams headlined both nights of FWE.

There’s also matches including Colt Cabana, JT Dunn, Alex Reynolds, Candice Le Rae, Joey Ryan, Jason Blade, Matt Taven, Eddie Edwards, Johnny Gargano, Michael Bennett, Bandido Jr., Team Tremendoous and so many more! We also have added some guys that weren’t there like Kevin Steen who has since retired.