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John Wayne Murdoch Is The Bleeding Number One


Congratulations go out to John Wayne Murdoch (@johnmurdoch25). For this was his week. When the week began, it was expected that we would have another new #1, but most of the official voters had no idea who it would be. It came in the form of the Evolution Pro Wrestling Hardcore Harvest Winner, John Wayne Murdoch!

“The Dick Murdoch of Death Matches” entered the 2nd annual tournament, defeated Josh Crow in the first round, then beat the formerly undefeated (in IWA and EPW) Lee Byford, before winning a 4 Way vs. Reed Bentley, Christian Skyfire, and Matt Tremont to not only win the tournament, but the EPW Openweight Title as well.

It was just one more in a long line of great performances from “The Duke”. With him picking up bookings all over the Midwest, he could be an Indy Power Rankings mainstay for many months to come. One question remains though…if he had been able to make his match vs. Chase Matthews on Friday…would he still be #1? Would Matthews be #1? Someone else? What if? #2 in the online poll with 55 votes.

Check out his awesome interview from last week here:

Thanks to @IndyPowerRankin whom holds the weekly Rankings and for writing all of this up!